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Ramie Meets Reggie…

We took Ramie down to meet Reggie and that went well. They checked each out, and once she’d given him the once-over, she turned her attention to sniffing down the rest of the holding area. Reggie, on the other hand, would have had his nose glued to her *ahem* backside if he’d had the choice. LOL, poor little guy – her stuff (hopefully) won’t be all that interesting to him after tomorrow. Halle was so disappointed when I said it was time to go, I told her we’d come back in the afternoon and hopefully they wouldn’t be so busy. We decided to take Ramie to Petsmart to get her new tag, and wound up with a travel carrier for Reggie. If they continue to get along really well and *if* he doesn’t have any trouble housebreaking, I’ll probably return the crate, but we’ll need something to keep him from roaming the car when we go out, or if we take him on a trip. After we dropped Ramie at home and grabbed Reggie’s leash & halter, we went back to animal control to make sure it fit/give him a little more leash time and a chance to get to know his ‘carseat’. The most adorable thing happened when we were walking out. The dog kennels are indoor/outdoor, and a few feet beyond the exterior of their kennel fence, is another fence that has that green plastic stuffthreaded through it. We were walking along to the car and Halle was trailing behind peering through the fence at the dogs who are outside. I hear this ‘BARK BARK’ and Halle says Mommy that dog looks just like Reggie and I look and it WAS Reggie. Little sweetheartmusta been wondering ‘I heard her say AT LEAST 50 TIMES that I was her new dog, SO WHY ARE YOU LEAVING ME HERE AGAIN?’

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