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Home, sweet home…

Reggie made it home last night, and he acted like he’s always been part of the family. He seems familiar with the kennel and the sound of the back door meaning it’s potty time. He was pretty perky, despite walking like a cowboy after a long trail ride 😉 He did piddle three times in the house this morning (would have been four but I busted him just as he raised his leg). He’d already been outside to pee, so he was definitely trying to make the house his own. Hopefully that will taper off really quickly, cuz in the meantime he’ll have to be in his kennel unless someone can keep their undivided attention on him. Halle keeps wanting to pick him up, and I have to discourage that for a few more days cuz that area is probably tender, but she’s doing better about sitting down and calling him to her lap. Daija kept announcing to all last night that ‘he like me.’ and Tyler is doing an awesome job helping keep an eye on him when Halle and I can’t, and then giving Ramie attention so she won’t be jealous. And so far, Ramie is doing fine with him too… although she did crack me up last night. I was taking a breather in the living room, and noticing Reggie’s fondness for Ramie’s bed, I pulled it into the living room the second time I had to tell him to get off my couch. Well, he made himself all kinds of comfortable, smack dab in the middle of it. Ramie walked over to the chair I was sitting in, turned her head towards her bed, made this noise that sounded like a ‘harrumph’, and walked over and curled up on the carpet.

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