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School Transfer pending…

Well, I checked and the Kyrene school has room for both the kids. I’ve spoken with the open enrollment specialist, and both the school’s principal and gifted resource teacher. I’m ready to make the move, but that flippin’ Northwest strike continues with no end in sight. I still have no idea how much longer Ro will be in Milwaukee. the after school program at the community center is understaffed, and they can’t let Tyler & Halle in until they hire more staff. The good news is, Tyler & Halle will be in the next batch of waitees. The bad news is, I have no idea if that will take one week, or a month, or two… So I can move them now and instead of stressing about what they’re learning, stress about them taking the city bus a mile by themselves and pray club 212 hires someone fast, or I can leave them where they are until club 212 opens up or Ro finishes this contract, but risk them falling behind and/or space not being available at Kyrene for their grades by then.

I feel like I’m screwed either way.

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