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It was a HUGE weight off my shoulders to go over there and get their things today at lunch. I told her the kids wouldn’t be coming back and I was there to pick up their things and withdraw them from the school. The secretary said she had anticipated as much when the kids weren’t there this morning, and thanked me for being patient so long. She said that she knew it was too little too late, but that they had someone new, who would be starting on Monday and going through inservice training. Apparently after conferences last week they were just deluged with feedback from parents that mirrored what I (and one or two other parents) have been saying. I’m not sure what exactly that means for the current 4th grade teacher’s employment status, although I suspect that he will no longer have a job.

I meant to also write that the new school has a classroom for severely disabled/low functioning students and they have a peer mentor type program, which I think is just fantastic. The district is supposed to be one of the best districts in the Phoenix metro area, so I’m pretty excited about all this working out.

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