“I got lips”

originally posted November 4, 2005 – Friday 7:28 PM at “I got lips” – CURLYGURL’s MySpace Blog

So I sit down at the computer to get online, and Daija appears at my elbow and announces, “I got lips.”

My first thought… did Daija not know she had lips? My second thought as I turn in her direction… I need to start getting more sleep… she probably found some Potato Head Lips.

But no. What she found was this little vial of flavored lip gloss that was in the party bags passed out at the Halloween party at her daycare. She has found this little vial which I put out of reach (meaning either Tyler or Halle helped themselves to it and then left it somewhere in reach) and I am assuming without the assistance of a mirror, done a rather remarkable job of applying it to her lips. Unfortunately she also applied it to her fingernails; so I am sure my sofa inadvertently got an application as well. So here lies my baby (she’s 2 months shy of three so I can still call her my baby) on the couch watching an Elmo video, with Pretty in Pink shiny lips, one leg crossed over the other, as Elmo counts backwards.

I wonder how many dolls have Pretty in Pink lips now…

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