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Let’s play… Watchugot

I have a budding entrepreneuer… watchugot?

I get to the community center to get Tyler and Halle and tell them to get their stuff together while I take care of registration for the winter break program. I finish this up (and it’s $20 ea not $30 ea so yeah… $20 for me!) and Halle has joined me but my son has not. I walk over to Tyler who is engrossed in a conversation with several friends. One of the girls has her wallet out and cheerfully hands Tyler some money as he and his friend Cameron are having a slightly heated discussion about getting paid, that ends with Tyler stating…

It’s my company.

I see that Little Miss Wallet’s fingers are adorned with several oragami finger claw/swords that Tyler makes, so it wasn’t really a shocker when he casually informed me that he has his own company. I sent the kids out to the car and checked with the center staff… they had seen Tyler making claws and airplanes but were not aware he was running a thriving business.

I join the kids in the car and ask Tyler about his new company. Apparently, it just started today and he decided that he would sell paper planes, claws, and other ‘oragami stuff.’ I asked how business was and apparently sales are up. He’s charging 50 cents per item, and has hired Mila and Cameron. Then, my son says to me…

“I’m going to have to fire Cameron’

I manage to keep a straight face and a steady voice, and I ask why.

“Because he doesn’t know how a company works. The person who owns the company makes the most money.”

I had to hold my breath for the next five blocks… I’m surprised I didn’t wreck the car. I gotta get back to pee patrol… Halle’s doing homework so I get the divine pleasure of shadowing Reggie. I’ll post more later… but in the meantime… what would you do?



I’d explain to him that the mama gets the first cut, she is after all, the source of all of his supplies and all that is good in life.

I don’t know what I’d say.  I’d warn him about the disadvantages of hiring and firing friends. And I think I’d mention to him that most real entrepenuers lose money their first two years in business, trying to make sure that their business thrives, including their employees.  You don’t become Henry Ford in a day.  But God love him…he’s got it goin’ on.

Posted by Ei on November 21, 2005 – Monday – 8:28 PM
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Belle Godfrey


Ah…this must be the incredible funny you were talking bout….WoW, I wanna know him still when he is a budding business owner in a few!

He is definitely starting out young and that is good, I would definitely talk to him about hiring/firing friends too!!!  LOL, the major point would be “Don’t hire them in the first place”!  Woo hoo, then if they stink your profit margins, there is no “canning” of anyone’s kadunkadunk!

Man he is sumpin’!  Totally a rock star in my eyes!


Posted by Belle on November 30, 2005 – Wednesday – 7:48 PM
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Not sure where to start…LMAO!!!

This was very good….congrats on holding it in.  I know for a fact that I would not be able to hold it in. 

As far as what to do.  I think you did just fine.  The only thing I would mention is that this may not be a legal thing to do in the community center.  Ask him if this is a passing fancy or if this is something he is really interested in…then plan a few other business related ideas with him.  (There are some fun games online and available on CD that have to do with business…Lemonade Stand is one that I know about.)   


Posted by Heidi on December 9, 2005 – Friday – 12:14 PM

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