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Tyler’s Life of Crime

Well, after Tyler’s company folded (he got shut down for not having an operator’s permit), he has apparently decided to try his hand at other criminal activities. Apparently somebody’s mother wrote a note for two of his friends who are cousins (and a grade behind Tyler in school), which will allow them to sign themselves out of the rec program (supervised) to go play basketball in the gym (not really supervised, and from what I see, mostly junior high/high school/young adults… no place a bunch of 8/9 yo’s need to be). Tyler’s no dummy… he knew I wasn’t gonna go for that. So Tyler, Cameron, and Elijah came up with an alternate plan, and oh so discreetly (yeah right) added Tyler’s name (with an arrow) in all the places that Cameron and Elijah’s names were written. When I walked into the community center, Mr. Butter Wouldn’t Melt in My Mouth was very quick to ask me if he could get a note to be able to go play basketball… right before one of the staff showed me the forged document.

To coin a phrase from my dad… I’ll give you three guesses who’s on house arrest, and the first two don’t count.


  Wow…at least he snitched on himself.  So how good was the forgery?  Has he a future Big Mama?
Posted by Ei on December 9, 2005 – Friday – 9:38 AM
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LOL… he wrote neatly and in cursive, but it didn’t look a thing like my writing.  I was sure it was his handwriting, but when I asked he got that deer in the headlights look and said no.  I said, who wrote it?  “I didn’t”  Tyler, I didn’t ask you who DIDN’T write it… that’s a long list.  I asked you who DID.  Told him to think about the consequences if I didn’t get the truth and get it NOW.  A very small voice replied “Me” 

He and Halle were supposed to have a movie party, but since they both got in trouble at Club 212 (she was told three times by a staffer to stop throwing toys???) they lost that.  Since Tyler lied to me on top of that, he has community service… which means it should be a nice, relaxing weekend for me.  I’m gonna sit on my butt and not do a DAMN thing… Tyler will be doing all mommy’s chores.

Posted by CURLYGURL on December 10, 2005 – Saturday – 8:56 AM

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