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My babies, want more babies…

Saturday night Arria and I did girls night in, originally intended to take place at my house, but rescheduled to hers because my bedroom had become the sick room and I broke the TV in the living room (long story, two years long, in fact).  So Ro is on theraflu in bed all weekend (why, oh why, would a man who clearly needs rest fly halfway across the country to spend a weekend in a house that is only quiet M-F from 7AM to 5PM?), and the only other working TV in the house has about a 12 inch screen.

So we go ahead and have dinner as planned at my place. We have Arrian, Arria’s 4mo grandbaby, courtesy of Miss Jennifer who used to babysit the girls and now just does their hair every once in a while, for the evening while Jennifer is working. The kids, or should I say my kids, were enthralled with Arrian. Jelani, Arria’s 6 almost 7 yo, is no longer quite so charmed.

Tyler to Jelani:

Your baby is so cute.

Jelani responds:

That’s not MY baby. That’s my sister’s baby.

Tyler to all:

I wish I was an uncle.

Jelani responds:

Your sister’s not old enough to have a baby.

Me to the room and the powers that be:

And thank God for that!

So of course Halle drags out her baby, the diaper bag, a change of clothes, a binky, and a bottle. All the things a good mommy carries to Mom’s night in. The bad mommies just took a blender pitcher full of pina colada with twice the malibu rum the recipe called for, some chocolate chip cookies, and Earthsea.

Jelani’s room, however, is a train wreck, and Arria cautions her against taking Baby or any of Baby’s things into Jelani’s room.  We assure her we will take good care of Baby, and Halle leaves Baby with us, until Jennifer comes home and rescues Arrian from Arria, or perhaps rescues Arria from Arrian.

Halle rejoins us in the living room and begins with the ‘My baby’ statements.  You’d think she’d be too young to be one of those mothers that brag about her offspring.

Halle to Jennifer: 

My baby likes orange juice.

Jennifer to Halle:

My baby does too.

This goes on for a while, and eventually Halle loses interest.  We remind her as she skips off, that Baby will not be safe in Jelani’s room, and Jennifer, who is holding Arrian, offers to watch Baby too.  Halle takes Baby over to her, makes Baby comfy, and drops one more line.

Halle to Jennifer:

My Baby stares at people.

Jennifer to Halle:

My baby does too.

So this was cute, as Baby happens to have eyes that don’t close when she lays down.  But what was truly funny, is an hour or two and most of the pina colada pitcher later, was when Jennifer yelped, reached over, and viciously slammed Baby face first into the couch.

Cyndi to Jennifer: 

Halle told you Baby stares at people.

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