Halle explores her ethnicity…

 Halle asked me recently if she was African. I’ve had classmates of hers ask me if I’m her mom, and then why is she black, and once, whether she was black or white. So I assumed that someone had told her she was african american. I explained she was half *Sudanese*, which is a country in Africa, which makes her half African. I didn’t even try to break down the tribal aspect to a 6yo. Then she asked me if she was Indian, and I explained only a tiny bit, that Grammy’s dad was (rumored to be) half Native American.

Yesterday, Halle went to the movies with LaTonya. During their outing, Halle asked LaTonya if she was Indian. LaTonya replied,

“I don’t know, are you?”

“Well, my skin is the same color as theirs, so I think I am an Indian.”

LaTonya relays this conversation to me when she brings Halle home, and comments that it just seems like way to deep for a 6yo. Poor LaTonya and the things my kids lay on her. First Tyler with the ‘I’m a white african american’ conversation… LOL followed not much later by a class discussion where the kids decided Tyler would have gotten ‘half rights’ during the Civil War Era. And then Halle decides to claim her (tenuous) Native American ancestry on LaTonya’s watch.

I’m starting to wonder if Herbie was some kind of a payback… hmmmmmmmmmm

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