Vent I & II

Vent I: Bead Thingamabobs

OK, I have no idea if that’s the ‘technical’ name for them, but remember the other week when I went to Mid-K and got the scarves? Wound up going back for satin bonnet thingies (work WAY better, btw) and bought a ton of beads, as well as this super-size, super flexible, thingamabob to thread hair thru the beads with. It’s soooo much better than the bitty little threaders that come with the beads, not just because it’s more flexible, but because you can fit more beads on it if you want to thread a lot of beads.

So I let Daija have the bead threaders that came with the beads, cuz they’re pretty useless and she wanted them (they had flowers on the end).

Guess what I can’t find? My super duper thingamabob, OR any of the rinky dink thingamabobs.


Vent II: My name is not Mapquest

Some of you know about Ro and his sense of direction (or lack thereof) from other rants.  I find it irritating that he’s lived in Phoenix for as long as he has and seems to have no sense of direction or where things are in relation to each other.  I swear on Herbie’s dear departed soul I was ready to wring his neck earlier.  He keeps calling me to ask me how to get from the west side to  a car rental place I’ve never actually gone to, but that he was at just a week ago when he got this rental car he was returning tonight.  And even more disturbing, the place he needs to take it is less than half a mile from the west entrance of (drum roll please) THE FUCKING AIRPORT.  Like he doesn’t know how to get there?!?!?!  Quit calling, I WAS AT WORK AN HOUR LATE ***AGAIN*** AND I REALLY NEED TO NUKE THESE LEFTOVERS or LISTEN TO SOMEONE READ or CHECK SOMEONE’S HOMEWORK or maybe just TAKE A PISS BREAK, something I don’t get all that often these days.

via Vent I & II – CURLYGURL’s MySpace Blog | Cyndi–s Jewels.

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