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Just think of me as the white rabbit (Section 504 Update) – 2006

Just think of me as the white rabbit (Section 504 Update) – CURLYGURL’s MySpace Blog | Cyndi–s Jewels

I’m up half the night at home researching for this and then at work I’m furtively printing documentation like mad in between tasks… I’m so behind in everything… work, housework, friends… ya know… life.

Aside from my ‘independant research’ I made a few phone calls that kinda bolstered my confidence.  On Monday I spent nearly 45 minutes with the director of gifted services at the AZ Dept of Ed, and yesterday I about 30 minutes on the phone with a staff attorney from the US Dept of Ed’s Office of Civil Rights… I’ll have to post details of those conversations this weekend.

I finally confirmed the date of the next CST (child study team)/504 Accommodations meeting on Tuesday, 3/8.  Tyler’s teacher, the school’s gifted teacher, the school’s SpEd coordinator, and the District’s 504 coordinator will all be in attendance… not sure about the school Psychologist.  I called to follow up with Ms. SpEd, and discovered she’d forgotten all about him (eyes roll outta my head).  That was the weightier of the reasons we decided to continue the meeting, so that he could attend.  She’s sweet and seems well intentioned, but either she’s overworked or she’s on the ditzy side.

So my task between now and then is to sort through the two or three reams of paper I’m hefting around with me everywhere I go, and figure out how much of it I want to carry into this meeting.  I have about twice as much paperwork as I had when I went to the last meeting.  Mr. Teacher made a wow comment, and Ms. SpEd looked a little freaked out when I plopped that bulging 2 in binder on the conference table.  I also need to get some records from Tyler’s initial diagnosis/comments from that psychologist.  I’m trying to get some records out of the old school district and I am so hot with them right now… they only have scores for Tyler’s 2nd grade SAT-9’s.  No SAT-9 scores for 3rd grade, and no AIMS scores.  For those of you in AZ… you know the AIMS.  IT’S FREAKING REQUIRED FOR A CHILD TO PASS IT TO GRADUATE FROM 3RD, 8TH, AND 12TH GRADES and they have no record of it.

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