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ADHD Perspective: my name is Wild Child… – 2006

This is a personal narrative from my son, describing his ADHD.

March 6, 2006 – Monday 10:35 PM

  My name is Wild Child and I am nine years old.  I go to [ABC School].  I am in 4th grade and I am in Mr. Homeroom’s classroom and I have Mrs. Gifted for reading.  I am gifted and I have ADHD.  My ADHD makes it really hard for me to remember things and pay attention.  It also makes it hard for me to sit still.  I take medicine for my ADHD.  When I take my medicine, I feel like regular me, but kinda tired and not so excited.  When I don’t take my medicine, I feel really excited about everything, and I feel jumpy and I want to move a lot and stuff like that.  I like taking my medicine.  I feel like I’m getting a whole lot better grades than I did when I was in second grade and I didn’t know I had ADHD; it helps me sit still in class and pay attention a little better. Sometimes when my teacher is giving directions, I look at him while he’s talking but then my eyes start drifting off to something else and then my brain starts thinking about that thing.  One day while we were talking about math, Mr. Homeroom was teaching us about the problems for that day, and I looked at one of the math problems, a multiplication problem, and I started staring.  Then my brain started reading the numbers backwards and thinking of different multiplication problems and I wasn’t paying attention anymore.  I didn’t figure out the answer, so when Mr. Homeroom called me I didn’t know the answer.  After that Mr. Homeroom told me to go back to the thinking table.  I think I was in trouble for not paying attention.I like being in Mr. Homeroom’s class; there’s someone that wants to be a teacher who is learning from Mr. Homeroom and he helps me a lot.  Mr. Teacher Aide helps me figure out math problems that I don’t understand.  Sometimes I’m thinking about too much stuff in my head and the directions Mr. Homeroom told us falls right out.  Mr. Teacher Aide writes the directions down and when I read the directions, it’s usually easy for me to get the answer.During reading, when we’re doing Word Smith and Mrs. Gifted is going over them, I have cards I study my words with.  Sometimes I don’t hear the words I didn’t get because I’m working on something else.  If I see a word search, I start doing that and I get distracted.  I like word searches, and when I see one I totally forget I’m supposed to be doing something else. I have trouble remembering when writing assignments are due, and it’s really, really hard for me to figure out what to start with.  I use Google to get ideas, but I find so many ideas on Google that I don’t get started writing.  We had an assignment to do a family tree for the Greek Gods.  Nobody else had as many names as me; they only had Zeus, Hera, their brothers and sisters, and their kids.  I found all the kids that Zeus had with other women.  Zeus had a LOT of kids with other women.  I think it was bad for him to have kids with all the other women that he wasn’t married too.  I have a partner in Mrs. Gifted’s class who helps me get started on reports and assignments and family trees and puppet shows and stuff.  Sometimes Mrs. Gifted helps me, but she’s busy with other people sometimes.I like school, but most of the kids make fun of me.  They call me shorty and small fry.  I don’t get along with the other kids because they pick on me.  I guess I get along with most of the girls, but only one boy.  I can trust Samuel because he doesn’t pick on me or call me names.  I don’t go out to recess because it’s boring or the other kids get on my nerves.  Sometimes I talk a lot during lunch and it makes us lose fun Friday.  So I stay inside and use the computer.My medicine wears off around dinnertime.  My head starts hurting and I get really mad if someone yells at me.  I feel like my brain has a fire burning in it, and it wants me to go take a nap.  After dinner I’m supposed to clear the table, but I feel all my energy going away and I feel like I can’t walk.  I wiggle my feet and my toes and try to get moving, and then I start rocking on my feet.  I am not really thinking about anything, I’m just staring.  The staring happens when I’m doing read and respond it comes out of nowhere.  I know it’s happening, but I don’t know when it’s going to start.  I don’t know how long it’s going to last I can make it stop if I blink or shake my head, but I can’t always make it go away.  Some kind of noise or someone coming up to me and waving their hand in front of me or someone talking to me or touching me can make it stop.I have a hard time getting ready for bed.  I see a toy in my room and I think I’ll just play with it for a minute.  I forget my mom told me to take a shower.  I try to do my routine, but when I get in the bathroom I look in the mirror and I stare in the mirror.  I can’t make that stop it scares me when my mom comes to check on me or if my sisters or if someone comes through the door and I’m staring.

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  1. Melanie
    September 4, 2009 at 11:17 AM


    I am printing this off and having Taylor read it. It is so similar to what I hear from him and I think it will do him wonders to see he is not alone.

    Love you girl and all your insight. Thank you!


    • September 6, 2009 at 6:48 PM

      You are so welcome honey… I wish there had been more of this available when Tyler was younger!

  2. November 17, 2009 at 6:11 PM

    WOW this is so much like Zuka…I always wonder what’s going on in his head when I have to remind him 5 times to brush his teeth or put lotion on.

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