{big breath}

March 26, 2006 – Sunday 10:41 PM

Thursday we had the follow up appointment with Dr. Kessler’s PNP, Theresa Rimer.  Dr. Kessler is the director of St Joe’s (not luke’s) AZ Child Study Center, who was on the panel that rewrote the AAP criteria for diagnosing ADHD in children, but you probably know that from the blog link.  Sorry, I’m still a little in awe that we see this guy.  After we got the referral in 1/2005 when I was worried, we also scaled back on his meds.  Things had been better, but in October I noticed some changes in his behavior (socially) that I thought coincided with the last school change, and in November, a spike in other behaviors that coincided with a trial of strattera and Joel announcing that he and Sandy were having ‘baby surprise.’

This appointment was to get the results of the forms I was asked to have completed after our November visit, by myself and Tyler’s teacher.  One was for ADHD, which we know, and screenings for mood disorders.  I was not surprised that Tyler is showing somewhat significant levels of depression & anxiety… although he seems to be doing better now than he was Nov-Jan.  What hit me in the solar plexus was when Theresa said she had some questions for Tyler, which started with how often does he worry or feel anxious, does he ever feel sad or depressed… the answers to which I could have answered for him.  After all, I’m his mother and I know him better than anybody, right? 

Then she asked him if he’d ever thought about hurting or killing himself… and he said yes.  She asked very matter of factly, ‘How would you do it?’ and he relayed what is clinically referred to as ‘a suicide plan.’  Which is why they recommended therapy right away, which I already have set up.  We had our first session on Saturday.  OK, that’s about all the energy I’ve got for tonight.  I’ll write more later… but he’s OK right now… so I’m OK too.

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