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Typing for IEP or 504 Accommodations

Tyler has been using Scholastic’s Type to Learn at school as part of his 504 plan.  He absolutely loves it – and has ‘forgotten’ to go to the cafeteria for breakfast once or twice in his hurry to get into class early to play it before school.  I had assumed it was something only the school could get, but there are two downloadable versions for about $15…

Type to Learn Jr. and Type to Learn

as well as their full versions that are available to the public, and most of which won’t break the bank. 

Scholastic/Sunburst Type to Learn Software

Check with your tax professional, but personal use items designed for or recommended by a doctor as a way to mitigate a medical condition or learning disability can be deducted in your taxes or reimbursed by a flexible spending account.  BTW, I was able to get reimbursed with no questions or delays from my TFSA for the Watchminder2, an event that rivaled Moses parting the Red Sea.  I am not kidding – my issues with AON are a standing joke to my neighboring coworkers.  I wouldn’t say that I hate the company or their brain dead customer service agents, data entry clerks, and managers… I simply dislike them with the white hot intensity of the Sonoran Sun in the sixth year of drought.  Unfortunately, the product (though designed for kids with ADHD) couldn’t hold up to the reality of being worn by a kid with ADHD.  But I have my eye on another reminder device that might be everything the Watchminder2 was supposed to be.

Oh, if your child can clearly aritculate ideas verbally but is struggling with output processing/written expression, consider the ScanSoft Dragon Naturally Speaking 8 Standard . I ordered it from amazon.com today, and I’ll let you knowhow it works. I’m not sure how long the sale price or rebate are available.

List Price:$109.99

Price:$81.99 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping.

Details You Save:$28.00 (25%)


Price After Rebate: $41.99
Product Description
With Dragon NaturallySpeaking Standard you can talk to your computer and watch your words instantly appear in letters, e-mail, instant messages and chat rooms. You can even surf the Web by speaking! Dictate and edit by voice in your favorite Windows applications including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook Express, America Online, and Corel WordPerfect. Its fast, accurate, and easy to use. You can even browse, search, and navigate Web pages, all by talking. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Standard is fast, accurate, and easy to use. It learns to recognize your voice in fewer than five minutes, and gets better the more you use it! A noise-canceling microphone is included.

Product Features

  • Speech recognition software for dictating, editing, and controlling applications
  • Surf the Web and access information by speaking URLs and links
  • Teach software to recognize your voice in as few as 5 minutes
  • Nothing But Speech technology eliminates “ums” and “ahs” from dictation
  • Free high-quality headset microphone with noise canceling technology included

originally posted May 17, 2006 – Wednesday 10:41 PM at ADHD: Typing program for IEP or 504 Accomodations – CURLYGURL’s MySpace Blog | Cyndi–s Jewels


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