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What It’s Like to Be A Child with ADHD

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May 19, 2006 – Friday 11:52 PM


From the Heart of a Child…

Dear Mom and Dad,

I want you to know what it’s like to be me.

My brain runs like a washing machine powered by a Ferrari engine. It runs all the time and it runs fast, churning and tumbling ideas like shirts and pants and socks mixed together. 

I can be talking to you and having another conversation running inside my head. I can be in class listening to the teacher, but be fully engaged in a daydream inventing something with my LEGOS.

You know how I sometimes repeat questions? It’s not that I didn’t hear your answer. It’s just that in the second between the time I asked and you responded, I went somewhere interesting in my mind. And I didn’t pay attention to what you said.

Sometimes I have so many thoughts swimming inside my head that I just blurt things out because I’m afraid I will forget them.

I know you say I’m really bright, but it’s hard not to feel stupid when the teacher is always getting on me. I want to do well in school. But when the teacher drones on and doesn’t engage my imagination, either my mind shuts down to sleep mode or I tune her out and go to better places that keep me stimulated. It’s nothing personal.

I kind of like all this energy inside my head because I can keep myself engaged and entertained in there by myself. But other times I feel scattered.

That’s why I like routine in other parts of life. It’s why I end up wearing or eating the same things. It’s why I sometimes freak out when plans change or things aren’t just so. Little things throw me off.

You think I’m sad because I don’t have lots of friends. But that’s by choice, because I’m pretty content inside.

I like who I am, but it’s tough when no one else seems to. Why does everyone want to change who I am? You give me medication to make me a different person, a person I don’t care to be. I’m not unhappy with myself; I’m uneasy because since I can remember, everyone around me has been so negative and tried to fix what they think is wrong with me.

I know that I’m different than other kids. And sometimes that confuses me and makes me feel lonely. But I don’t want to be like them. I just want to be appreciated and liked exactly they way I am.

You want me to talk more, but you just psychoanalyze me. Besides, it’s difficult to express my thoughts and feelings verbally – they just get jumbled up. I’d rather express them in my drawings and inventions. I feel things deeply. I hurt with the kids who get left out, and one day I’m going to help those kids. I know how it feels.

I know you get concerned because I stay up late at night and don’t sleep much. But I like it when it’s quiet. I can hear my thoughts better. And my world is peaceful then.

Mom and Dad, don’t worry about me. I may not do great in school or be the most popular kid, but I’m content inside. I like the way my brain works, I like my energy. If everyone would stop trying to fix me, I’d be okay.

Let me focus on the things I love doing. Drawing. Building. Inventing. Stop trying to make me be like everyone else. Just work with me, okay, not against me. I like who I am. Why can’t you?


In the next newsletter, we will give you 10 Tips to Make Summer Special. Begin thinking now, though, about various projects your child can complete over the summer. Purposeful, structured activities will keep your child engaged. Think of building, craft and service projects your child would find meaningful over the summer. 


Thank You

We never take for granted the fact that you have entrusted us to teach your children and influence your family. Enjoy your weekend!


Kirk and Anita Martin

Founders, Celebrate!ADHD


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  1. T. Rome Prince
    September 4, 2009 at 11:57 AM

    I support these Children and feel their pain. My Child went through this and I as an adult do too. I know the Chaos of trying to organize a Billion thoughts and focus on one task at a time. I write and this is the only time that I can put it all together. I’m comfortable it that, because it allows those thoughts to flow in extraordinary fashion. I do hope that these young folks can find something that allows the creativity that they possess to come to the Surface.. My Prayers to all that Deal with this daily….

    T. Rome Prince……

  1. September 5, 2009 at 6:26 AM

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