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Where *is* that FEMA application?

There is debris strewn across the entire floor of my living room.

There is an avalanche of laundry on my couch.

Speaking of laundry, my laundry room can hardly qualify as a place to get anything, laundry or otherwise, clean.

I can barely walk through the hallway to the kids’ bathroom.

On the rare occasions I enter their bathroom, I make a little note to myself to direct visitors to mine until whatever future point that I manage to clean it.

I cleaned out the garage over the weekend. All the boxes containing 90% Tyler’s possessions are now on the floor in his room. Can’t walk through there, either.

Daija’s room… I cannot see the floor. At all.

Halle’s room… well… there’s a clear path from the door to the bed, but MY GOD why can’t I get her to understand that if she puts it away NOW, she can get it back out LATER… it doesn’t have to STAY ON THE FLOOR.

Don’t even get me started on the kitchen or my bed and bathroom. I’m not sure how, just a MONTH ago, I would walk out of my bedroom and my kitchen made me so happy I would smile, to THIS.

I cannot find my March and May Oprah magazines, and it’s driving me CRAZY.

I’m going to go lay in my bed and watch disk 5.

Oh, and in my defense… $39.99 of the dollars I spent at “The $50 Store” (Becky, I have been saying for YEARS that I can’t go to Target for TOILET PAPER and not spend 50 bucks) was for an MP3 player. I wanted to try one out and see how it worked for Halle, who is always telling Daija to be quiet. But I believe I’ll be returning it this weekend. I mentioned on the phone to Ei that I didn’t think the earbuds were going to work… and when Halle started fussing at Daija for repeating some phrase for the 40th time, I tried Ei’s trick and offered her the MP3 with some Lifescapes “Native American Flute.” She loved that, until she tried to move and the earbuds kept falling out. But I saw some *cordless* COBY Behind Neck Headphones MP3 Player on sale at amazon.com with free super saver shipping…

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