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For Thought…

From a friend’s blog

As Amerikkka gears up to celebrate its independence, let those of us of African descent not be fooled by the hype. Let us remember that in 1776, we were chattel to be bought and sold a the whim of Massa. Our families were being torn apart (as was our souls), our mothers were being raped, our backs beaten, and our feet cut off for attempting to gain the same freedom our captors were enjoying.

No, let us not forget. If you must go out to enjoy the BBQ and fireworks in assimilation this 4th of You Lie, take the time to explain this lie to your children and teach them the meaning of the day that commemorates OUR independence, which is Juneteeth.

Sidebar: As you dispel the lie, give up the lye and stop straightening your hair. In the immortal words of Marcus Garvey, “Remove the kinks from your hiar, not your brain.”

via For Thought… – CURLYGURL’s MySpace Blog | Cyndi–s Jewels.

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