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Small Town Shake Down, day 2, the Fair

Well, we made it to the Herington Fair Saturday night. The kids had a BLAST. I had my ups and downs. One of the kids’ cousins didn’t make it in town, leaving an extra wristband for MOI. Before I had a chance to go on any rides, well, the sky opened up and spit on us.  But the one good thing about Kansas, as soon as somebody sneezes the weather will change.  We waited it out in the community center and sure enough, the fair went on.  So I went on the flying swings with Halle, and then I let her convince me to go on the sizzler.  And Ro already pointed out to me that Halle is only six… but she can be damn persuasive.  Well, I’d eaten leftover taco pizza for dinner.  I was thinking my stomach didn’t feel quite right as I got on the sizzler, and about halfway through the ride I was really wondering if I might be the talk of the town for puking over the side.  I made it off the Sizzler with my dignity, and when Halle suggested the Ferris Wheel, I thought that would be a good idea… you know, a nice slow, non spinning ride. 

But not.  As Halle told me how she wanted to leave home and not to go live with Oma, (which is her equivalent of “I’m running away) but so that she can “…explore the world…” (I swear, that’s a quote)… I wondered if it would really ruin the bonding if I hurled over the side of the ferris wheel.  I was no longer concerned about my dignity. I hobbled my old ass to the car and laid down until Heidi arrived.  By then my stomach had settled and the show went on… Heidi and I even did two rounds on the flying swings again…

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