Live, from the kitchen…

Current mood: annoyed 

I’m in the kitchen multitasking… cooking dinner and on the phone with reservations to change Ro’s itinerary and check on the company’s policy on emergency travel for employees.  I’m holding patiently while Ms. Fabulous Reservations Agent it searching the policy (made me feel less dumb, I couldn’t find it either). 
Daddy’s Girl appears.
Momma, I am so tired of Princess.
Really, Daddy’s Girl?

Yes.  I am JUST SO TIRED of Princess.

Why are you tired of your sister?

Because I told her two times to clean up the poop.

Daddy’s Girl… what poop?


Daddy’s Girl, where is the poop?

In you room.

Daddy’s Girl, can you show momma the poop?


Damn dog.  Anyone want a Shih Tzu?  Ms. Fab Res Agent declined as politely and professionally as one can while choking on laughter.

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