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Reflecting Versus Reacting

From: “Ellen C. Braun” Ellen@RaisingSmallSouls.com

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Imagine with me for a moment that you have just arrived home from a

“Honey, I’m so hungry, do we have anything good to eat?” you ask
your spouse.

“Hungry!” Spouse exclaims, “How could you possibly be hungry; you
ate tons of food at the party!”

Or, how about this scenario:

“Sweetheart,” you begin as you turn towards your spouse to express
yourself, “I’m really very hot. Would you lower the thermostat

“Hot!” Spouse practically shouts, “I’ll tell you what hot is- go
outside in the sun, then you’ll feel hot! When you come back
inside, you’ll realize that it’s very comfortable in here.”

{End of imagination exercise.}

Reflecting an emotion- towards a child, spouse, or friend- will make
all the difference in the world in how their self-esteem and
relationship with you will develop.

I can honestly say that if I had to choose one article that is the
most essential for parents to read, it would be this one! Read
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To our children’s success,


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