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There’s Something About Mary

Considering that it’s Christmas Eve, my blog title might have you thinking this post about Mary of Nazareth.

But it’s not.

Per Latonya’s request in Conversations with the Boy, this is about Mary of Mrs. Homeroom’s 5th grade class.

A few weeks ago, Halle’s friend, Kameryn, was at our house for a sleepover. Kameryn is in 4th grade, and just turned 9 in October. She and Tyler were chasing each other all over the house and it almost seemed flirtatious to me.

So a little later that night while the girls were playing Barbie’s, I caught Tyler alone and asked him if he was old enough to like girls yet.

He almost blushed and told me that was personal information.

I reminded him that I was his mama.

So he confessed, not to liking Kameryn, but that he kinda likes a girl in his classed named Mary.

I asked what she looked like.

Now, I guess I assumed that at such a young age, boys liked girls based on appearance. Hell, I know grown men who are still chasing after girls based on appearance… and grown women who do the same.

Tyler started to say, “Well, she…”

and tapered off.

He started again, and stopped.

“I don’t really know how to describe her. But we have a lot in common… we both like math…” etc. etc. etc.

I was impressed with my boy, that he likes a girl based on what’s in her cabeza, not what’s filling out her top or behind.

Last week I went and helped out at the class party, and as I was making like the one hundred millionth hot chocolate, and an occasional hot cider, I asked one of the girls, “You wanted cider, right honey?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

A few minutes later, I heard someone call her Mary.

I confirmed with Tyler… yes, she’s THAT Mary we talked about… but BE QUIET, Mom!

Oh, yes… I was impressed with my boy. Her Accellerated Math score is higher than Tyler’s… so not only is he not attracted to her because of her looks, he’s not intimidated by her brains either. She’s smart and polite… and for the record, pleasant looking, too. Taller than Tyler (but who isn’t) and slender, with thick light brown hair that’s kinda straight.

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