I was watching Bill Cosby As Himself last night… and while I used to laugh REALLY hard at the part about the children having brain damage, I don’t find that nearly so funny anymore.  Seeing as Tyler’s only answer for damn near everything I ask him is “idunno” it probably hits a little too close to home to be anything other than mildly amusing.  But the part about how Dad doesn’t know where anything is and he’s always asking, “Where’s your mother?” that had me laughing so hard, that I was shaking trying to hold it in because Ro, who is on Round 2 of the Sinus Infection from Hell, was asleep. When Bill started describing how his wife forced him out of bed one morning to cook breakfast (which reminded me of when I was getting ready for that Christmas party and he asked what the kids were going to eat) and Bill gave them chocolate cake (Ro has given Daija mini marshmallows for breakfast, because she asked for them). Alas, I shook him awake.

I found myself with my head down on the kitchen table, shaking with laughter and trying not to pee myself a little while ago.

Background:  I’ve been saying, “Quit that damn sniveling” an awful lot since I’ve been on vacation.

I instructed the younger girl-child to go wash her face (the kids had ice cream for dessert).

She inquired, “In Daddy’s bafroom or my bafroom?”

I responded, “Go to your bathroom.”

“Awwww!  I wanted to go in YOUR bafroom, Momma.  I don’t want to go to my bafroom.”

And she crosses her arms and walks petulantly towards her bathroom, as she repeats the following litany,

“Sniveling, sniveling… sniveling, sniveling, sniveling… sniveling… sniveling…”

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