You know that hearts and flowers chain letter you get from time to time, with the list of the things every woman should have and/or know?  The list ranges from whimsical to practical.  I have some addendums I’d like to share.

Every woman should have a toolbox that includes…..


1.      A bottle of white vinegar

2.      A box of baking soda

3.      A big box of regular white salt

Now, if you missed the volcano experiment in elementary school, when baking soda is added to vinegar, you get a chemical reaction, and your concoction will bubble and fizz… and clear a drain with a grease clog.  If you add salt to the mix, you get an abrasive bubbling and fizzing concoction that might just break up a toilet paper clog.

In the event of a more serious problem, every woman should have item 4 on my list.

  1. A hand crank plumber’s auger/drain pipe snake


Which will run you approximately $15 at your local home depot.  This will clear major sink and toilet clogs (Allison tells me they’re very handy for toothbrushes down the toilet) and is also capable of handling a main sewage pipe clog.

Oh, and last but not least… if you have children – you need items #5 and #6

  1. An adored Big Sister, who takes you on fabulous adventures and returns you with parasols to stab your brother with, gum to stick in your sister’s hair and oriental fans to drop down the main cleanout plug…

Good luck finding one though… they are priceless.

#6 A man who might grumble and moan, but saved you from having to snake your own main sewage drain… there’s nothing in the feminist code about me handling raw sewage.

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