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Butts, and other “big” conversations…

Daija was crawling around on the floor with her head down Thursday night, not looking where she was going.  After nearly tripping over her…

Me to her:     Be careful, Little Girl.

Her to me:     OK, Big Momma.


Friday morning I was trying to get dressed in something cute enough to have my passport picture taken in.  After unsuccessfully trying to get a pair of capri’s I bought last spring over my hips…

Me to Ro:     Babe, I’ve put on some weight.

Ro to me:     I could have told you that.

Me to Ro:     Well, I wish you had… I was awful surprised this morning when I tried to get dressed.


Leaving the Aloha Festival this afternoon, and Halle caught a glimpse of her full profile in a car window.


My brain:  You’re singing to the choir, sister.

My mouth:  Your butt is beautiful.  Look, mine sticks out too.


Ro to Daija:     Where did you to go today?

Daija to Ro:     We went to Cal-i-for-knee-uh, where all the people and the flowers are.

Mom:               No, baby girl… it was Hawaii.

Daija to Ro:     Oh, yeah.  It was Hawaii, Daddy. 

and skips out of the room singing…. Ahhhh-lohhhh-haa OY, Ahhhh-lohhhh-haa OY, Ahhhh-lohhhh-haa OY!

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