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So I get online today to check the status of my passport.  It’s showing, for my passport, as well as Tyler and Halle’s passports, that I requested expedited processing and standard delivery, and should receive my passport within four weeks.  Oh, and that they use priority mail.

I paid for expedited processing and overnight shipping for all three of those applications, just like I did for Daija’s which arrived in the mail today, and only took 16 days, even tho’ the yokel at the post office insisted there was absolutely no way we’d get her passport in less than three weeks, but to be honest with us, we’d probably be lucky to get it in four.

And the IRONY of all this?  Last night I decided I was not going to stress about how all the last minute costs of this impromptu little trip were adding up, or whether or not the passports were going to arrive on time. 

I decided to use the power of positive thinking, and that everything would fall in line financially (like it always does) and that the passports, which would definitely not arrive in time for the wedding, would arrive in time for us to utilize my already scheduled three day weekend the week AFTER the wedding, to see Ro’s mom, which is all I really care about anyway.

Someone has a sense of humor and seems to enjoy playing with me.

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