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So Daija wasn’t having the whole “Big Adventure with Daddy” concept.

We probably should have started talking to her about this trip several weeks ago, but I guess it didn’t occur to either of us that she wouldn’t want to go, the Daddy’s Girl that she is.

But yesterday when I started packing her suitcase, she was very emphatic that she didn’t want to go.

The girl who is constantly begging to go on a plane.

The girl who always wants to go with whoever is leaving.

She was firm.

“I don’t want to go with Dad.”

“I don’t belong in Ink-glund.”

“I don’t want to fly ober the Atlantics Ocean.”

“I don’t want to play with cousins.”

“I want to stay home and play in my room.”

She got REALLY excited when I said that I would be coming too – jumping up and down and beaming.  But when I stressed that I would not be coming today, that I would be coming later, she wilted again.

So we decided not to try and force her to go.  Though she’d probably have a great time once on the way, it’s a long trip and a great distance and not a lot of leeway to come home early if needed.  Not to mention the leg of the flight from PHX to PHL looked like H-E-L-L, and the trip there, at least, wouldn’t have been a fun one for her.  No seats open and 10-15 non-revs on every flight all day.  Ro missed the first two flights he tried for, and made it on the third, which unfortunately did not put him into Philly early enough to catch the flight to England.  Fortunately, he has a cousin in the Philly area that he can stay with tonight, and will make the leg from PHL to LGW tomorrow.

Which leaves me in a scary predicament. I haven’t been alone with all three of the kids for seven months.  I’m trying to remember how I used to do that… I mean, I did it for a little over a year the last time, so I should be able to handle 10 measly days, right?!?!?!

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