So we were up late Saturday night, my little Easter/Christmas Elf and I, assembling Easter baskets and watching The Five People You Meet in Heaven.  It was a warm weekend, but I refuse to turn on the air conditioning this early, so I popped the baskets into the fridge, intending to get up about half an hour earlier than either of the girls usually wake up to set them out and to go outside and, using the chalk stamper/stencil I got at Target, to stamp bunny feet going to and from our front door.

The girls woke up at 6:30. 

So I herded them into the tub before they could look any further than their rooms, pulled the chilled chocolate and jelly beans out of the fridge and set them out, and ran outside in my jammies to stamp the bunny foot prints.  I started out like this…





Until I remembered that bunnies hop…

Shit.  I’m so gonna get busted again… two holidays in one year is not a great track record.

So I started stamping like this…

x   x

x   x

x   x

(still cursing) from the front door, to the driveway, between the cars, and out to the street.  Then I ran over to the side of the house and went from the street, across the rocks, to the sidewalk, and up to the front door. 

In my pajamas.  Swearing like a sailor. Yeah, my neighbors love me.

I get the girls out of the tub and they get dressed, and I suggest Princess look on the front porch for the baskets.  She discovers the footprints and she and Daddy’s Girl investigate the trail – they see that the Easter Bunny came to our door, and that the Easter Bunny left… but not yet having seen any candy, and because I decided not to chalk stamp my living room (thinking it would be obvious that the Easter Bunny wiped it’s paws), Princess decides the Easter Bunny left no baskets. 

While Princess is still outside contemplating the previously unknown phenomenon that the Easter Bunny’s feet are made of chalk, Daddy’s Girl comes in, where I am sprawled on the couch, and places her little face about two inches from my nose.  I open one eye.  With her eyes open wide as all outside, she says, in her very best “I’m in charge” voice,

Mom, when the Easter Bunny comes, you have to OPEN THE DOOR so he can bring in the candy!

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