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CURLYKIDZ: Tween Cell Phone Rules

So while I was doing my homework for the “family cell” I looked for reviews of the Verizon Chaperone feature and came across the blog above. I liked her common sense approach, and thought I’d share it, as well as some of the guidelines I’ve discussed with Tyler.

 Clever Homemaking: Tween Cell Phone Rules

Cell Phone Guidelines
The Phone: Mom bought the phone and pays the bill. It will be issued to you on an as needed basis, and it’s primary function is for your safety and her peace of mind. It is not a toy for your entertainment or convenience. If the phone has been issued to you, it is to remain TURNED ON, ON VIBRATE, and ON YOUR PERSON at all times (except during PE, in which case it should be in your LOCKED locker). Do NOT leave the phone in your backpack; if it comes up missing, your life will be miserable until you can pay the insurance deductible.
Phone Use: Except during school hours, ALWAYS answer the phone, even if you don’t recognize the number; Calls I make from my desk go out on a trunk line and can show up as a variety of “unavailable“ numbers. Do not take the phone out of the case during school hours; if I have to go to the school to retrieve it because it was confiscated, we will have problems. During school hours, I will call your teacher or the school office if there is an emergency. If I call or text your cell it is NOT urgent; wait until the final bell rings to check for a message. When we get home for the day, the phone needs to be turned in to Mom to be charged so that it is ready for the next day. If you need to make a call, use the house phone.
Contacts & Security: You can only call or text those who are on your contact list. Any additions to your contact list must be approved by Mom. The current list is family & ICE adults only. The privilege of calling & texting friends is performance based; if you want it, you’ll have to earn it. Just an FYI… friends on the Verizon network are preferred. If you earn that privilege, do not give the cell phone number to anyone Mom doesn’t know without permission, and NEVER give it out on the internet or use it to sign up for anything. The code to lock/unlock the phone and access voice mail is not to be changed. As long as I am responsible for you and/or that contract, I reserve the right to inspect any phone in your possession at any time.



Personal Safety: Do not talk or text while walking to & from the bus stop (or anywhere else). You will not notice the creepy trenchcoat guy following you, or the high school thug who’s eyeing your cool new cell phone and thinking you’d be an easy target, if your head is down and your eyes are glued to your hands. It won’t help to have a cell phone for emergencies if you flash it around and attract the wrong person’s attention. Don’t advertise yourself as an easy target. And if some punk does try to jack you for your phone… HAND IT OVER and go to the nearest business or church and call me. I’ll GPS their sorry little… *ahem* selves and have their location before I get off hold with 9-1-1…

Media & Content: Mom strongly discourages the use of the camera. Do NOT take pictures of anyone without their permission and do not take embarrassing pictures of others. There will be no pictures of tests, pop quizzes, locker or bathrooms or any girls’ juicy… anatomy… EVER. Do not spread rumors or gossip about others. If I find inappropriate pictures, music, voice mails, text messages, or if I ever get a call from another mama upset over an exchange between you and her child, I will lock that phone down like Area 51 and the only person you’ll be calling or texting will be your mommy.

Volume & Etiquette: When talking on the phone, moderate the volume of your speech as a courtesy to others. The cell phone is only an inch or two from your mouth… there is no need to pump up the volume just to advertise to everyone in hearing distance that you are using a cell phone. If you receive a call while in a group, excuse yourself and take a few steps away. If you receive a call while you are in line or other close quarters and excusing yourself is not an option, take the call and ask the caller if you can call them back when you can talk freely. When in public, most people do not want to be privy to your personal conversation, and those who are interested are probably ones you least want knowing your business. if an adult is speaking to you, the phone should be holstered. Do not disrespect their time by texting during conversation. When with friends, the person you are with should take priority over the phone, unless the call is from family.






  1. efilyzarcym
    August 5, 2009 at 1:18 AM

    Freaking Brilliant!!

  2. Melanie
    December 6, 2010 at 12:57 PM

    I think these need to be ammended and reviewed with the teen again. Just sayin…

    • December 10, 2010 at 11:21 PM

      Why would you even bring that shit up when you know I’m still trying hard not to snatch a critical bone out of that boy’s neck?

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