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The Unbearable Whiteness of Cheerleading

This was a very interesting read for me; some of you may remember that it was an actress who looked very much like Hayden Panettiere (Elisabeth Harnois) who sparked off a discussion that led me to realize the depth of my oldest daughter’s insecurity over her multiracial appearance. That conversation sent me on a research spree that was very enlightening for me & changed the way I parented my girls… and Miss Halle is now much more confident about who she belongs to and all the beautiful features that are uniquely hers.

The Unbearable Whiteness of Cheerleading

by Guest Contributor Carly Kocurek, originally published at Sparklebliss

As is often the case when I find myself any place where cable is readily available. I stayed up entirely too late last night watching television, sucked into a movie I would have never deliberately viewed. Last night, the film in question was Bring It On: All or Nothing, the third installation in the Bring It On franchise.

(body snipped… full article here… via The Unbearable Whiteness of Cheerleading at Racialicious – the intersection of race and pop culture.

This address of race and class politics in a film about cheerleading, an athletic pursuit that persists in the American imagination as a bastion of small-town wholesomeness (read: whiteness) is compelling, and suggests the complex negotiations and discussions that so often happen in seemingly facile genre films.

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