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God is an Orange

Last January, I attended an Installation Ceremony for UUCP’s newly settled minister, Reverend Susan Frederick-Gray. It was a beautiful ceremony for many reasons… Rev. Susan herself, whose sermons seemed to whisper right to my very soul. The dedication of a new baby… the child of a young adult who was a coming of age graduate when I joined the congregation. And then, the Nashville UU’s Associate Minister for Music, Rev. Jason Shelton, who gave a moving sermon titled With Hearts and Hands and Voices.

I found myself thinking a great deal about Rev. Shelton’s words… I could hardly keep my mind on the rest of the service. I googled the Catholic liturgy as soon as I got home. I wasn’t sure why I was so stuck on “God is an Orange” except that perhaps it resonated with my belief that not only is “God” in us, but we are in God as well.  

Later that night after the kids were in their beds, I unpacked the little travel cooler I’d taken along that day, filled with snacks and drinks to keep little people happy during a long, grown up service. And from it, I pulled out one of those random gifts children give their mothers… an orange so perfect, even after being in a cooler getting squished by food containers, that I thought it must be fake, and dug my nail into it’s perfect skin to test it. I had completely forgotten that Halle had given it to me in the ladies room just before service started. In fact, I dont even think I looked at it before shoving it in the cooler. I took a picture of it (note to self… dust glass top tables before using them in still life photos) and in a memo on my crackberry, paraphrased his words as best I could remember them (if he could see this, he’d realize the least of his worries was us thinking he said God was an orange…)

You have no need of our praise, yet our desire to thank you is itself your gift.
Our prayer of thanksgiving adds nothing to your greatness, But makes us grow in your grace.

God does not need our praise, but we are grateful because of God.
Our prayer does not add to God’s greatness, but makes us grow in God’s grace.

The universe has no need of our praise, but our desire to give thanks is a gift.
Our thankfulness adds nothing to the universe, but instead makes us grow in our humanity.

The orange has no need for our appreciation, but our appreciation of it’s flavor deepens our appreciation of the wonders of our world.

I’ve pulled up that memo several times in the months since. Recently I was encouraged to s l o w  d o w n by a friend, and found oranges in my mind and heart again.

I know you have a lot going on, but sometimes you move so fast Im afraid for you. Take some time, be in the moment.

God IS an orange. My daughter was able to see that, without a flashing neon sign from the pulpit. And I need to be more in the moment, so that I could see not only God in the orange, but in my children as well.

Today I give thanks for the abundance in my life love, family, friends, holding hands with my daughters while we share dances of universal peace, and oranges.


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