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A White African American ~ 2004

Tyler is exploring what it means to be multiracial. Monday he asks me,

am I African American?

He tells me that people keep telling him he looks African American. We’ve touched briefly on race before, but apparently it’s come up at school. We talked about what his dad and I were, and what that makes him, and how much. Then I asked him,

do you feel like you are Black?

and he said no. I said,

do you feel like you are White?

and Tyler said,

yeah… I’m a white African American.

  1. August 25, 2009 at 10:03 AM

    My son called me a couple weeks ago and asked me what race he was, as he was filling out papers for school. I said, “Well, technically, you are of the human race.”
    He says, “Yeah, but, am I asian or white?”
    I said, “Mark whatever you wanna mark. The question is not because they give a shit about you….it is for funding purposes. If you mark asian, the school can claim more “minorities.”
    He says, “Seriously, I can mark what I want?”
    I said, “Yeah, or don’t mark it at all.”
    He then says, “Okay. But, what am I?”
    And I said, “You are a Kyle…and you are of the human race. And if you wonder about what nationality you are…well, you are half German and half American.”

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