“the only color”

A new mommy friend mentioned looking for a sport for her daughter, and I started telling her about Halle’s wonderful experience with the Starlings/TEAM AZ, and reminiscing over last season and how much she grew in the experience. While I was reminiscing, I remembered how nervous Halle was at tryouts, and her fear when she thought she was going to be placed on a team where she would be “the only color” and emailed a friend about it…

Saturday they took a lot of notes, and said they’d be putting together the teams Tues/Thurs. Last night they put Halle with the girls (two of whom are pictured in that article above) that the coach in that article had on his team last year. And I’m really excited for her because she missed over half the clinic & these girls are FIERCE… one of them isn’t much taller than Daija and has a great overhand serve, and they have a really good teamwork, etc. but Halle is totally freaked out that this will probably be the team she’s on, because she’ll be (and I quote) “I’m the only color on my team.”

I just don’t really know what to do about this “color” thing… She’s frequently the only multiracial kid in a group, and frankly these girls are closer to her skin color than her black friends from 212 or her white friends at school. And she was genuinely anxious about it… she was crying.

She wound up being placed on another team that was much more racially diverse, and seemed very comfortable. I hope she finds herself more comfortable going into her new team this year, as quite a few of the girls from last year will be moving to the 13/14yo division.

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