Amy Hodgepodge

Check it out.

Nancy : “This story truly touched me.  The authors made me love Amy, love her family and feel everything she felt.  It teaches friendship, kindness and gives us all insight into how to be good people.”

Aileen: “As a teacher, I am so grateful to the authors for providing my students with such dynamic material.  My students immediately identified with the characters.  Finally, a series that addresses real concerns with humor and love.”                                                                     

Joyce: “I just ordered all four of your books for my grandkids and grandnieces and nephews.  Thanks for this delightful, wholesome series!”

Maria: “Finally! A book for children who are a hodgepodge of so many different things.  Thank you for doing this book.  I have no doubt it will have great success and I hope to see it evolve into a whole series of cartoons, merchandise, etc.!                                  

Michelle & Melydia: “Thank you, thank you, thank you! My daughter (6) and I just finished reading some of “All Mixed Up!   Our family consists of black and white, with marriages bringing in Portugese and Cuban, and adoptions bringing in Indian.  She related so much to this book.  Here  is what she said: “I like your book and can’t wait to finish it.  I like it because she looks like me.”

Jil: “I love AMY HODGEPODGE.  As a grown Mixed woman it is so exciting to get to know this girl.  I fell in love with her, her family and her friends.  So sweet, engaging, well-written and great illustrations.”              

Angela: “I just wanted to thank you SO much for your ground-breaking work in providing images for the multiracial generation!  I am the founder of Melting Pot Moms, a national organization for multiracial/multicultural/multiethnic families (through birth and adoption).  Your books reflect our children exactly!”

Sheryl: “I love these books!  Amy is such a sweet character.  My six-year old adores her, and my eight-year old next door neighbor does too.                                                                   

LC: “I can’t say enough how much I love this series.  Finally multiracial girls have a heroine in Amy Hodgepodge.  Amy is a great role model for all kids.  A great discovery!”

Kyle: “My daughter loves these books.  It’s definitely timely in that more and more families have mixed-race kids.  But the books are truly for everyone.”

Stephanie: “My six-year old daughter found this book and loves it.  She has announced that she wants to collect all the Amy Hodgepodge books and will be adding them to her bookshelf right next to her Junie B. Jones and Magic Tree House collections.”

Mary: “My granddaughter, who is seven, absolutely loves the Amy Hodgepodge books.  Amy and her friends are good kids who have lots of fun together and come up with good solutions to kids everyday problems and adventures.”                                                      

Ruby: “I love Amy Hodgepodge with a passion.”           

Shenita: “My girls love your book.  We read the first chapter last night , and they didn’t want me to put it down.”

Lisa: “My fourth-grade class is sooo enjoying listening to me read your delightful books to them.   They really relate to and love the character, Rusty, too.”

Kenya: “I read your book and couldn’t put it down.  I know it’s a children’s book, but I loved it.  This is an excellent book for biracial kids trying to find their place in the world.  It’s also a great book for all children to encourage them to be true to themselves and celebrate their differences and similarities.  I’m buying these  books for all my friends with kids!”

Reggie: “Almost all my nieces and nephews are multiracial.  They love your books and really related to them!”

Barbara: “Your books are such a great idea.   I am of mixed-race.  My mom is African-American and my dad is Latin-American.  I’m pregnant, so I’ll be stocking up on these books for my baby!”

Michelle: “Congratulations on your wonderful book series.  There’s a real need in this world for these books you’ve created.”

Daphne: “I just bought all the Amy Hodgepodge books off the shelf at Storyopolis bookstore.  You’d better have them reorder!”

Kim Wayans has numerous television and film credits and now brings her skill and charm to the stage with her own one-woman show. Part of a unique family of comedians, Kim Wayans has enjoyed working with her brothers, film and television stars Keenen, Damon, Marlon and Shawn. She starred with all of them on the groundbreaking television comedy sketch show IN LIVING COLOR and has worked with them in various combinations in such motion pictures as SCARY MOVIE 2, I’M GONNA GIT YOU SUCKA, DON’T BE A MENACE TO SOUTH CENTRAL WHILE DRINKING YOUR JUICE IN THE HOOD AND LOW DOWN DIRTY SHAME. Kim starred in JUWANNA MANN with Miguel A. Nunez, Jr. And Viveca A. Fox. Kim’s first break in entertainment came when she was booked to do stand-up comedy at the The Laugh Factory and The Improv clubs in Hollywood. Since then, Wayans has made several guest television appearances, and has starred as a regular on Quincy Jones’ IN THE HOUSE opposite Debbie Allen and LL Cool J. She excelled as a producer, director and writer on the ABC comedy MY WIFE AND KIDS. Kim’s writing has expanded to plays and full length screen plays.  She is presently touring the country with her hit one-woman show, A HANDSOME WOMAN RETREATS.  Her latest project is a series of children’s books she wrote with her husband, entitled “AMY HODGEPODGE.”  This ground-breaking series gives a face and voice to multi-racial children, and is published by Penguin.

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