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Creepy encounters at Doomtown

So after locking my keys in my car in a store parking lot on our way out on All Hallow’s Eve, we made a late appearance at Doomtown… just me and the curlykidz. This is the first time in years we didn’t go in a big group… but now that most of the group is in middle school, I don’t see or talk to most of the moms. So it was a little strange not to be making a caravan trip… but it was still a really good time. As usual, a kid or two expressed concern about entering the premises, but also as usual, before long they had stopped running from the monster, and were hunting them down instead… making friends, shaking hands (real and fake), and having philosophical conversations. The grim reaper stopped and pointed at Halle… and she deadpans, “You’re pointing at her, right?” and gestures to me. Wow… thanks for throwing me to the wolves!

Later on, a man passing by us said, “Grim comes for you tonight.” I thought it was the Rawhide employee, off duty, and laughed as we walked on.  A few seconds later, the devil on horseback approached and asked what he’d said to me.  I relayed the conversation, and he asks me to please do him a favor and go tell security, because he’s never seen the man before… and moves away.

I’m not sure about this, but change direction and go over to the Sheriff’s office and tell the guy of the request. He doesn’t seem to concerned, and I said I hadn’t really thought anything of it, but the  devil had been concerned… and speaking of the devil (I slay me) he gallops by like he’s in pursuit at this moment, and the Sheriff starts to look concerned. So we walk away, and I’m trying to explain to the kids what the big deal is, when out of the corner of my eye, I see that same guy, just standing there, basically now behind us, even though he had passed us shortly before (if this makes sense).

Now I’m feeling creeped out. So we go into one of the shops and browse around for several minutes, and as we exit, there’s that same guy again, just kinda hovering. Not exactly coming into the store, but hesitating like he’s about to. He doesn’t seem to be headed in any direction, and he doesn’t seem to be with anyone. I start to veer off to the side, and that’s when I see a couple of men in real law enforcement uniforms…

We didn’t see creepy dude again that night… and I left very thankful for good people lookin’ out.

  1. November 18, 2009 at 8:05 AM

    I read many of your blog posts. Good Job and very informative.

    Keep it up!


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