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Say it FORWARD Friday – Week 39

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Leaving a comment is like walking up to a new friend in the playground and introducing yourself. It is how we make friends in the blogosphere. 

Tee hee… another fun meme. I’m not sure how often I’ll do this, since it’s pretty much the same handful of people who comment, but maybe this will encourage more of my regular readers to do the same.

My first shout out: Becky, who blogs at Golden Acorn Homeschool and is one of the coolest and craftiest moms I know, and who is about to move back to this side of the Rio Grande. I can’t wait!  She homeschools, gardens, cooks, blogs, and about fifty-eleven other things I wish I did, and she’s a full time student.

My second shout out: John (or at least that’s what I call him in my head) who blogs at UglyBlackJohn. His blogs require more brainpower than I have left at the end of most days, but whose comments and perspective I always appreciate.

And my third shout out, a new friend & reader, Jennifer, who blogs at Living My Life with Purpose. We’re a lot different with a lot in common and I appreciate her attitude of gratitude… it’s like a lil virtual sunshine every day.


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