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So now I know. « Resist racism

The thing is, I knew when I was writing the e-mail that I was taking a risk. I talk to white people about being “kicked out of the club.” It’s the moment that they realize that speaking up about race or racism distances them from other white people. It’s when they find out that other white people won’t necessarily support them when they raise issues of racism. I have tried to be empathic with them as they struggle with the perceived loss they suffer when doing what’s right means being ostracized.

I remember when I started getting really passionate about white priviledge and institutional racism. I crossposted something on my blog that spoke to some feelings I’d been having that I hadn’t yet written about.

My friend emailed me privately… asking did I realize what I had done? Was I prepared for the fallout that was sure to follow?

And I replied no.  Not MY friends. But I was wrong. It’s the first time I was wrong, but unfortunately it wasn’t the last.

Thankfully, as the years have gone by, I’m not as wrong about as many people. The wall doesn’t come down the first time you hit it. Sometimes, it takes a while.

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