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…but now am found

So I’m about to turn 18 for the second time (this means I’m almost 36), so I really didn’t see this message coming:

Looking for my niece!

Joyce – November 17 at 7:38pm
I am looking for my niece her name is Cynthia Sheela Whitmore, birthdate is [the month & year of my birth] her mothers name is Caryn. Please let me know if you are her?

And I was like… wow. Don’t think there’s much chance of there being another Cyndi Whitmore out there born the same month & year as I, with a middle name of Sheelah and a mother by the name of Caryn (yeah, the unique spellings are a long tradition in my family).

Cyndi – November 17 at 7:52pm
that’s all me! How old are you? I used to have some pictures, and I think you may have been in one of them… I’m having a hard time placing my age or any of the names from the pictures but Joyce seems familiar
Sent via Facebook Mobile

Joyce – November 18 at 8:41am
I was 12 when you were born. You and your mom lived with us until you were about six months old and I only saw one other time very briefly after that, so if you have a picture it would have been when you were a small infant. I am so excited to find you. Would it be alright if I let [bio dad] know?

And another wow. Up until that point, I literally hadn’t known whether he was still alive. And knowing only what my mother had told me, I didn’t feel ready for that step. I thought it over throughout the day, and responded later that evening while I was waiting for volleyball tryouts to get started, asking if she would mind not saying anything quite yet, explaining I’d like it if she and I could talk first, so I could ask a few questions. She graciously agreed, and the conversation continued…

Joyce – November 18 at 6:40pm
[snipped]I know you don’t remember me, but, I do remember you and you have always been in my thoughts and have a special place in my heart.

Cyndi – November 18 at 6:55pm
More details when I’m not on a crackberry but I’ve always felt a connection with you (err, your picture).. Does [bio dad] have other children? Where does he live? Where do you live?
Sent via Facebook Mobile

I learned that my biological father does not have any other biological children and that he is still living in northern AZ… and that in addition to this aunt living in Massecheusettes, I have an aunt in Phoenix, cousins in Scottsdale, two uncles in the Flagstaff area and one in Tucson.

Later that evening, I was able to chat with my aunt for about an hour. I confided that even though I hadn’t ever felt like I was missing a father, I’d wondered about [bio dad] and about siblings & extended family… and that some small part of me had hoped that someone would have wanted me enough to find me, and that if they did, they’d be proud of what they found.

oh you have no idea, when I just told [an uncle] earlier, he was shocked and so happy. He barely could wait for me to send you the friend request fast enough, he said he’s been praying to find you for years.

I got a message on Facebook shortly after I’d accepted the friend request from my Uncle Joe. He thinks it’s fantastic that Joyce found me, said he and his wife would love to meet me, gave me his phone number, saying if I could call, that would be great.

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