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Cyndi has ANOTHER new crack-pot

Crock-Pot® Smart-Pot® Slow Cooker

So a couple months ago I broke down and bought a programmable slow cooker. I was convinced that my old fashioned manual crock pot low setting was just a little too high for the number of hours I’m usually away from home. It would be ideal if I was gone for about 8 hours, but I’m usually away for ten. I needed something with a manual setting. And since I wound up using my crockpot at most of my daughter’s volleyball tournaments last year, something with a locking lid would be a dream come true.Initially, I LOVED this crock pot, except the hinged lid. I was thinking of it falling down as people were trying to serve themselved, but that problem didn’t manifest itself. A few weeks after the purchase, I had my son clean it for the first time… and in trying to remove the lid, he broke the hinge. I was sure he’d been too rough with it, but I could still use the front latch to secure the lid well enough for transporting it and although awkward, was able to open and close the lid well enough. But then another week or two passed, and while scrubbing the rim of the lid, the handle broke off in my hand. But I still loved the other features, so I thought I could live with it. Except one thing. There is no little handle on top… so the first time I tried to take the lid off a cooked dish… ouch! It only took a few times of having to use tongs to take off the lid before I was pretty much over that. So we stopped making dinners in the crock pot, although I was using my old manual to make oatmeal several times a week.  

Set 'n Forget® 6 Qt. Programmable Slow Cooker With Spoon/Lid

With a couple rounds of company planned, volleyball season fast approaching, and a hankering for several meals we’d already tried or were wanting to try, I started looking for a crockpot that had all the programmable features I wanted… with a better lid. 

*cue angels singing from the heavens* 

  The Hamilton Beach Set ‘n Forget® 6 Qt. Programmable Slow Cooker With Spoon/Lid is everything I loved about the Crockpot Smartpot and then some. It’s time programming is much more flexible, and it can be programmed by temperature as well. I made a fabulous Chicken with Lemon & Herbs and some INCREDIBLE Apple Dumplings. To quote my son… “This meal deserves a moment of silence.    

Presto® PopLite® hot air corn popper

So as long as I’m sharing my affection for small kitchen appliances, let me tell you about how we went micro-waveless. Over the summer, my microwave just quit. Just like that. I decided not to replace it for two reasons… money was really tight over the summer, but aside from that… there is NOTHING healthy that can be cooked in the microwave better than on the stove, in the crockpot, oven, steamer, or wok… and I already owned at least one all of those appliances.    


But then a few weeks later we had a movie night. And here I am with this bulk box of microwave popcorn and no microwave. For several months we ran down the block to my best friend’s house when we wanted popcorn… but then we moved three weeks ago. So I decided that microwave popcorn isn’t all that healthy anyway… but wasn’t thrilled about the idea of having to pop it on the stove (even less so about the kids doing so). So I got a popcorn popper last Sunday… and between Sunday & Monday must have made four or five HUGE bowls of YUMMY popcorn. Without all the preservatives and chemicals. A little salt, some melted butter, and PRESTO!   




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