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wild child goes to see big bird…

 …but not on Sesame Street!

In my little circle of parents from SoMo, Tyler is one of the oldest children. People have been stressing me out by asking me what I’m doing about high school for at least a year now.

High school? My little shortie? All, um… 65 (maybe) pounds of him?


When we first moved to South Phoenix, I heard about the magnet program at what would be our local high school… among those programs was an Aerospace Magnet. It sounded right up my space enthusiasts alley, and it’s what we have been tentatively planning on since he announced he wanted to join the space program when he was in 2nd grade.

But a couple weeks ago, Tyler tells me he thinks he wants to go to high school in the neighboring district, because so and so’s dad said the school was really rough when he was there.

Twenty years ago, you mean? Let’s wait until the open houses and see what the schools have to offer NOW.

Because Tyler already attends school in a neighboring suburb, he would have preferred placement under our state’s open enrollment policy, and getting into a high school in that district is pretty much a shoe in. But middle school was so difficult for him, socially and academically, that I almost break out in hives thinking of sending him to a public high school, period… whether it’s in the suburbs or the inner city.

I can’t lie… I’ve considered home schooling him through high school… even though I know that would be a mistake of catastrophic proportions. I’ve considered online high school… but given the past few years, I can’t trust that Tyler has enough self direction to be successful in an online school now.

A few weeks ago I get this scary, official letter about an open house for the high school that Tyler’s school feeds into… it was time to start giving that question of where Tyler will go for high school some serious thought.


So earlier this week I started doing research on the various schools in that district, and printed out their course catalogue, and they just don’t have anything that even remotely compares to the  Aviation/Aerospace Education  at South or the  Computer Studies  program at Carl Hayden.

So I bit the bullet and called SMHS the day of this other district’s open house… and found out there was an open house being held for all the magnet programs that week as well.

Last Wednesday we toured the Aerospace program…

Big Bird @ SMHS

Students enrolling in aviation/aerospace will gain exposure to a variety of careers in the aviation field. They will experience aircraft engineering and design in the Aerospace Technical Lab. They will learn about the repair and maintenance of aircraft in Aircraft Maintenance Technology. In Air traffic Control students will learn how to control traffic. In Ground and Flight School they will work toward earning their FAA private pilot certificate in a single engine aircraft.

The South Mountain High School Center for Aviation & Aerospace Education must adhere to all FAA, TSA, and other state and federal regulations that govern flight, air traffic control, and aircraft maintenance training.

Tyler absolutely LOVED it. There were brief presentations in the cafeteria followed by tours of the magnet buildings/classrooms. When they called “Aerospace” for us to line up, Tyler jumped up,

Come on Mommy…

Uh… he might have to stop calling me that.

He was first in line. We go through the tour of the classrooms, starting with the Air Traffic Control instructor, then the Aircraft Maintenance & Technology Instructor, and finally the Flight Instructor, whose classroom has flight simulators.

So I was chatting with a couple other parents, and then the flight instructor, and I look around and realize I’m the only parent left, and the only kids in the room who are not already students in the program are the ones I brought with me. My son was still engaged in a technical discussion with one of the seniors.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that Tyler will be on the Jaguar Flight Team next year.

via South Mountain High School – Academic Departments.

  1. Eiball
    January 31, 2010 at 7:15 AM

    Dev is in awe. Me too.

    • February 3, 2010 at 9:55 PM

      I’m so looking forward to this! I need to sit down & start filling out some paperwork!

  2. January 31, 2010 at 7:36 AM

    That is amazing, Cyn!!!

    • February 3, 2010 at 9:55 PM

      I KNOW! He’s so excited!

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