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Cesar E. Chavez National Holiday

Well, this blog will be incredibly short and sweet… but I was really disappointed that in his ninth year of public education in a state that observes Cesar Chavez Day, my 8th grader could not tell me WHY Cesar Chavez was significant in our region or to the civil rights movement. So if your child is equally clueless (or let’s face it, if you don’t know either), here’s a great link.

As brothers in the fight for equality, I extend the hand of fellowship and good will and wish continuing success to you and your members… You and your valiant fellow workers have demonstrated your commitment to righting grievous wrongs forced upon exploited people. We are together with you in spirit and in determination that our dreams for a better tomorrow will be realized. ~ MLK to Cesar Chavez

via Cesar E. Chavez National Holiday.

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