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There’s ground deer in the fridge (& other things you don’t hear every day)

Wednesday, July 7

7:18pm~ Cyndi is taking a scenic tour of the US so as not to interfere with her parents being at the parade on time tomorrow… *smh*… ANYWAYS… she’s pretty sure she’ll be in PHL from 6-8AM if anybody wants to join her for breakfast at da airports 🙂 

10:27pm ~ Cyndi is on flight 258 to PHL. She hopes they will be kind to her luggage (SHOES) there since she took the AWA ID tag off of it before they took it…  

Thursday, July 8 

Christie drove 40 minutes to spend 10 minutes with the girls & I at the airport... she RAWKS!

2:39am ~ Cyndi watched the sunrise at 2AM… how obscene. Hello, humidity… err Philly…  

2:49am ~ Cyndi has a PSA for the flying public: your smart phone has an option to silence the keypad. please learn to use this function before you start rabidly texting everyone you know. this way, the other 166 people in coach won’t want to choke your ass out while we wait for a gate.  

4:44am ~ Cyndi is on the plane to MCI… halfway done!  

8:11am ~ Cyndi is wheels down & hoping for a nap in the car!  

11:30am ~ there’s ground deer in my parents’ fridge.  

“Nothing like ground venison to welcome home the crunchy urban mama,” observes MamaEi…   

My Daddy in the Color Guard

3:37pm ~ Cyndi is about to watch her daddy in the parade  

8:03pm ~ Cyndi is headed to The Office with Joni  

8:44pm ~ Cyndi just had Sweet Home Alabama moment…

There’s a baby… in the bar.

9:16pm ~ Cyndi is at some other bar… and remembering why she doesn’t usually come in town till Friday. ·  

9:21pm ~ Cyndi just heard someone drop the n word.

 OK, a side note for white folks: 

  1. The n-word is ALWAYS offensive, not just when there are black people in hearing distance.
  2. If you have balls enough to use a racial slur in public, be man enough to stand behind it. Don’t come with some weak ass apology like, “I didn’t mean that in a derogatory way.” Because then you don’t just look like a racist, you look like a dumbass too.
  3. Picking up my tab was a nice gesture, but I’ll be headed back out of town before you recover from your hangover. I noticed there are a lot more brown children in town than there were back in my day… your community would benefit from you investing in a bottle of palmolive. Next time you feel that word about to come out your mouth… tilt your head back and gargle.

11:44pm ~ Cyndi doesn’t usually go for that tag teaming shit…  and bless your heart*, she’d really rather your hands stayed on the OUTSIDE of her clothing.

*Bless your heart is one of the most wonderful phrases of the English language. You can utter the most heinous insult, so long as you preface it with or tack this phrase to the end of it.

“She’s just young. And stupid, bless her heart.”

Friday, July 9

12:03am ~ Cyndi is a little bit chicken fried…  

 10:02am ~ Cyndi has misplaced her glasses somewhere…  

2:27pm ~ Cyndi wonders where her children are…  

2:57pm ~ Cyndi founded her glasses!   

Eileen: How bout the kids?   
Melanie: Were they in your head? That’s usually where I lose mine.
Cyndi Ugh they’d been to a church yard sale. We now have a number of Irish t shirts. And a couple wigs. One looks like the 4th of July threw up on it.    

3:54pm ~ Cyndi is waiting for her step mama to get back with the taco pizza  

4:57pm ~ Cyndi ‎ ~ “Well, you’re my mother, so I *should* do what you tell me to do…” reasons Daija, age 7 

How many almost 40 year old cheerleaders can you get in one picture?

9:32pm ~ Cyndi is at the pub. its karaoke night.    

9:36pm · Shawn: Tiny Dancer! It’s a must sing! LOL! Please report back on how it went! 😉
9:36pm · LaTonya: What’cha singin’?    
9:40pm · Cyndi: Uh, no.    
9:42pm · Shawn: No!?!?! C’mon, Cindy. And you have a Blackberry too! You could totally video tape that and share it! 🙂    How about … Welcome to the Jungle then? LOL! 🙂 have a great time regardless.    
9:44pm · Cyndi: Slightly more appropriate for the venue… Y’all just missed my version of Delta Dawn…    

I just love this guy…

11:58pm ~ Cyndi about to go drank like a muthafucka

Saturday July 10

9:28am ~ Cyndi had too much fun hanging out at 5th Street Pub & front porch pimpin’ at Brenda’s with Jami, Chip and Jen!    

2:14pm ~ Cyndi thinks it’s a good time for a nap.    

5:16pm ~ … the fair, episode three    

7:21pm ~ Cyndi thinks Halle looks like she about to toss her cookies…    

8:34pm ~ Cyndi just realized, & is pretty bummed, that she totally missed the demolition derby.    

Sunday, July 11

3:25am ~ Cyndi has insomnia, and while perusing her parents’ fridge, she noticed there are no longer several packages of ground deer. She should have just gone to the bar… either way she wouldn’t have gotten any sleep, but she wouldn’t be sitting here wondering when she ate Bambi.    

6:31am ~ Cyndi is sittin’ on her daddy’s porch listenin’ to wind chimes tinkling, birds singing, and… uh… a hella lot of bugs. This may be short lived… she forgot that the state bird is the mosquito, bless her heart.    

2:57pm ~ Cyndi is in Kansas City… seems like I just left here a minute ago…    

7:33pm ~ Cyndi wonders what possesses grown men to go out in public sporting a Mr. T look ·    

9:55pm~ Cyndi can’t narrow it down to one catch phrase to describe the annual pilgrimage. There’s usually something that someone says or does that really stands out, but this year the laughs just kept comin’…

  1. July 21, 2010 at 8:33 AM

    I clicked on the song continued to read the post…the song lasted EXACTALLY as long as it took me to read all the way to the end. That was fun!! 🙂

    • July 22, 2010 at 8:28 PM

      Well I didn’t plan that but I’m sre glad it worked out well!!! Isn’t Ray egging the girls on a trip?!?!?

  1. July 22, 2010 at 7:43 PM

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