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Taco Feliz Stands on the Side of Love

If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you know I have three drive thru addictions: Mocha Fraps from Fourbucks (err… Starbucks), Lime Slushes from Sonic, and Carne Asada Burro’s from Taco Feliz.

At one point early Saturday morning as we were all crammed into this little room to watch Sal’s arraignment, I just had to leave. I couldn’t stand up anymore because my calves were knotted and my feet felt as though they’d been through a sausage grinder… I couldn’t sit down anymore because I was afraid of falling asleep. Then there was a very emotionally intense situation that I’ll tell you more about later… and I just had to leave the room. I hadn’t really eaten anything more substantial than a handful of pretzels here & there & a few chunks of fruit in more than 24 hours. I figured if I needed refueling everyone else must too, so I headed for Taco Feliz.

Pretty much anyone living in the valley that owns a TV has seen our yellow shirts on the news, and I explained that we were holding vigil for Salvador Reza’s release at the Madison Street Jail, and what was the cheapest way to feed the group. I figure he gave me somewhere between a 30-50% discount and four bags of burros so loaded that when I tried to pick up two bags with each hand I couldn’t lift them… the guys that jacked me for my “I could be illegal” and “We don’t need no stinkin’ papers” buttons had to carry them to the car for me.

Taco Feliz is just north of Southern Ave on S 7th St and is only three miles from Chase Field, so if you’ll be at today’s action protesting the AZ Diamondbacks, please show a little love for a local business that showed their love for us. Click the picture for directions from Chase Field to Taco Feliz.


Taco Feliz – Phoenix, AZ.


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