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A New Pay for Performance Plan

So lately getting my children to do their chores has been… a challenge. We got off our routines years ago when the kids started busing to a school in another district, and I’ve never been able to get new routines going that really worked for us. Adding volleyball to the mix two years ago didn’t help. But between our move last year and new school schedules for two of the three kids this year, we all get home a lot earlier.

While the chore issue should have magically straightened itself out, there’s been nothing but drama. Nobody likes their chores… they’re rather have so and so’s chore. I shuffled things around a bit, and no matter what people had, at least two of them (usually female, and most frequently seven years of age) were unhappy within two days. So I did a final switch, based on what I felt was going to work best for ME (because I’m the mama), and said it was final.

So I no longer feel like an air traffic controller trying to figure out who’s supposed to be doing what, when… but that doesn’t mean chores are getting done consistently, and they’re surely not getting done with anything remotely resembling a caring heart and helping hands. It’s driving me crazy, and I want to do an incentive program, but I know I don’t have time to do anything like The  Nurtured Heart Approach or MyRewardBoard. I do not believe in allowance for chores, but I was seriously considering caving on that.

Then a dinner conversation gave me an idea. Daija’d had a rough transition into her new classroom, and was talking about having lunch with the principal because she’d had a good week. Halle commented, “I wish I could be bad so I can get a reward.” I bit my tongue and just let it go, but it kept popping into my head with every teachers’ back to school pleas for facial tissues, hand sanitizer, and Jolly Ranchers candies. It amazes me that my middle & high schoolers are as motivated by a Dum Dum Pops as the elementary schooler, but there it is. Chores are actually getting done around these here parts, so I’m OK with leaving that little mystery up to the universe, and thankful that Dum Dums come in packages of 300.

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