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Gratitude Sunday

Well, my good intentions of counting my blessings every Sunday flew out the window as our weeks suddenly got a lot busier… the reasons for which I can only give thanks.

  • IngatheringUnitarian Universalist congregations often don’t have traditional services during the summer, so the first Sunday after Labor Day is like a little family reunion. The following Sunday is when our RE (Religious Education) programming kicks off. You may remember how excited I was two years ago for Tyler to go through Coming of Age (COA) program. About halfway through the year it was obvious that his heart wasn’t really in it… he just wasn’t ready and his heart wasn’t really in it. I gave him the option to either finish the program then or do it this year (COA and OWL (Our Whole Lives) are offered alternating years). He elected to do it this year, and will go through COA with the same kids he went through OWL with. In addition to a great relationship with these peers, he has a great mentor that he also established a great bond with last year, and says is the coolest grown up he knows after me & his dad.
  • TEAM AZ Sports – September was also the month that the pre-season volleyball clinic started. Halle’s going for her third year and Daija plans to try out this year as well. Aside from the obvious benefits of exercise and sportsmanship, it’s great for the girls to have the opportunity to spend time with other girls from our neighborhood. It can be challenging finding friends because they attend school in another district. It’s a benefit to me as well… I’ve met some really great parents at practices over the years.
  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters – Daija finally has a match of her own, and has been having a ball making crafts, going swimming, and window shopping at the mall. Her Big is like a burst of sunshine… and my little drama queen can definitely use a role model with a positive outlook!
  • Villages – I didn’t make it to church this week, but my minister gave a sermon about Sharing Journeys last Sunday that was so touching. So many times over the last few years I’ve felt alone, but thankfully that never lasted too long. I’m incredibly blessed that I have a church family to reach out to and good friends to lean on. This week, I’m particularly grateful for friends of other races who find comfort in talking to me about race relations and who are comfortable if I need to talk about the times I struggle with white privilege and how I can be an effective ally against racism and stereotypes.
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