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Halloween 2010: Batman & BatMom v. Poison Ivy, Squared

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It’s no secret that Halloween is a pretty big deal around here. Not so much for the trick or treating, but for the dressing up. We get really into it and usually have a theme every year… fantasy creatures, wizard of oz, racecars, things that fly, Grease, Pirates of the Caribbean, ancient Egypt… and we trick or treat for a block or two, then we head to some spooky Halloween festival with friends.

batman_jpg_fyukfcujjvThis year, we were supposed to be The BatFam. Unfortunately, my Bat-Mom signal was a little off, and I couldn’t find a Batgirl costume in Daija’s size. I debated having the girls be Robyn and Catwoman, but by the time I gave up the idea of finding/creating a Catwoman costume we’d both be happy with, the Robyn costumes in Halle’s size were sold out. So it was back to the drawing board Batcave to do a little more research on the peeps who live in Gotham City.


So now my mission is to create costumes for Poison Ivy. This is an incredible undertaking, because I am not crafty. I do not sew. Thankfully, I found some inexpensive pixie costumes in the girls’ sizes that I could theoretically leave as is. But you know I can’t do that, because it would just ruin my Halloween if people thought the girls were Tinkerbelle or Princess Tiana, who appear to be rather popular for costume choices this year.

The things I do for these kids.

Anyway, I’ll have a blog up about my adventures in Halloween costume creation in the next day or two.

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