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Gratitude Sunday

I had a really bad day today,

But I didn’t.

It really should have been a really terrible, horrible, very bad day.

  • I lost track of time while laundering/web surfing this morning (not totally unusual), and didn’t wake the girls up until 30 minutes before we would need to leave the house to arrive at church on time if we had to make a stop on the way (which we did, my cupboards are bare).
  • Needless to say, I didn’t check the dryer till it was time to get dressed, and all the clothes were still damp. Additionally, now that it is no longer 105 degrees by the time the sun rises  in my utility room, bras hung up to dry will still be very damp three hours later.
  • I forgot that the dress I pulled out of the closet needs to have the straps shortened until I was pulling it over my head as I was literally walking out of my room towards the front door. Not only did I not have time to change, my other dresses were damp anyway. So I grabbed a sweater. The black one, which I later regretted.
  • I had wanted to twist Halle’s hair this morning, as part of an idea I have for the girls’ Poison Ivy look. Since she wound up combing her hair in the car, I decided I would do this at church, because we needed to clean house in the afternoon and I would have to do Daija’s hair in the evening. This was fine with Halle until she got in a tiff with Daija as we were getting out of the car, so she sulked half the time we were chilling on the couch in the lobby..
  • I liked the sermon so much over the sound system that I decided that I was going to stay for the second service so I could see it as well. But then I got to talking with a friend and Tyler’s COA mentor… my girls and his were playing so happily, so I just stayed outside chatting and missed the entire service, which was apparently even better than the first service.
  • The kids went out to the car while I stopped in the ladies room. As I am sitting on the toilet, I get a phone call that Tyler had tried to start the car so they could listen to the radio (grrr) but nothing happened.
  • None of the very few stragglers still at church had jumper cables. It was probably only about 80 degrees, but even at 80F the Sonoran Sun is no joke. I was wearing… a black sweater.
  • After a friend from the Quaker House down the street was summoned and came to the rescue with jumper cables AND a non-hybrid vehicle (damn Unitarian Universalists), it was determined that my battery was not the issue. It appeared to be my solenoid. The solenoid on a Buick is mounted under the engine, on the starter, which is a very inconvenient place for it to be if you need to bypass the solenoid to start the vehicle.

So you can see this all has the makings of a really shitty day. Nothing had gone as planned and it was looking like not only was I not going to get my errands done (like, buying groceries), but I was also not likely to have time to clean house, finish laundry, AND do Daija’s hair. Don’t even get me started on what it will do to my Monday if my car is still in the UUCP parking lot.

But then Jason literally banged on the solenoid a few times, and Curly Sue fired right up. We were not only going to get home, but as long as I didn’t turn off the car, I could stop at Walgreens and the grocery store on the way.

And two other friends that I don’t often get to see outside Sunday services, who I’d regretfully declined an invitation to lunch with earlier, gave up their lunch plans to hang out in the parking lot with me until I was up and running.

In addition to having a chance for grown up conversation during that second service I didn’t attend, I also got to chat with church fam that I know well as well as a couple that I often saw in passing during services in previous years, but had connected with on FB over the summer and had enjoyed some great dialogue with.

And I met & exchanged numbers with a mom who is new to Phoenix and our church, who has a biracial daughter one year older and one grade ahead of Halle, who is in Tyler’s COA class this year.

Miraculously, after we left church and the kids were faced with another hour or so of being in the car, they did not fight. They did not complain once. So even though we should REALLY be cleaning house, they’ve been playing outside since we got home. And I’ve decided I’m not even going to be mad that they totally soaked each other with the water hose and have most likely tracked a bunch of mud into the kitchen.

symbolsIt was a good day. Lots of love and gratitude for my children, the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Phoenix and especially for Jason the Car Whisperer, who gives the BEST hugs (I’m not kidding… they’re known throughout both Arizona AND California). My religious community rocks!

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