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Poison Ivy Costume

So we finally decided on Poison Ivy for the girls but I was concerned about a shipping mishap BEFORE I did a Google search for costumes and came across this:


Uhhhh… ew? Fortunately that search also turned up a Poison Ivy Costume Tutorial.

I figured I could do a better job of coming up with something more Uma Thurman and less DC Comic Pin Up Girl.

uma ivy <—This, not that—> dc ivy

I’d seen a Forest Pixie costume at Target while hunting for batgirl that I figured would do the trick of giving me a look similar to an action figure the girls begged me to buy:

forest pixie _AUTOIMAGES_TRT9BTDD02lg

I read in the tutorial that the original Poison Ivy wore Tomato Red pumps… seeing as Uma’s green boots would probably be no easier to come by than the green tights I wasn’t finding, and the girls are in need of close-toed dress flats now that the weather is cooling, I bought these shoes and went with brown tights, on which I will create vine like patterns with the silk leaves I found in the $1 section…

red shoessilk leaves  

Rather than gloves, I’ll be taking some knee highs and creating vines going up their arms as well.

So there are our costume supplies. I pinned the vine leaves on each of the girls tights last night… there wasn’t TOO MUCH blood involved in that… and figured out how I’m going to decorate the dresses themselves. It’s still undecided whether I’ll use the glittery panel overskirt that ties around the waist or if I’ll just leave them out altogether.

Now I just have to figure out hair and makeup, cuz I’m not buying wigs!

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