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For the shit I don’t understand file…


I live in a state where I can legally purchase, conceal, and carry a semi automatic weapon with an unlimited number of bullets in its magazine. I can legally carry said firearm into a bar. I can legally carry said weapon onto school grounds if I am picking up my child as long as the weapon is unloaded and the gun owner remains in the vehicle. I can carry said weapon into most government buildings, including the state capitol.

Last month, as a matter of conscience, I declined to provide an officer of the law with my drivers license. I was patiently reminded by the officer that the ARIZONA LAW REQUIRES that anyone operating a motor vehicle not only be a licensed driver, that person must have their license in their possession AND have current motor vehicle registration AND proof of insurance in the vehicle AT ALL TIMES.

Yeah. That’s ironic.

  • Arizona Gun Laws Among Most Lenient In US
  • Law Professor On Arizona Gun Laws
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