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Open Letter to AZ Rep. John Kavanagh

Mr. Kavanagh, I’ve had great cause to be ashamed of my state government over the past two years, but have never been moved to the point of writing anyone other than my district representatives. The fact that I am writing to you, much less to tell you I’m ashamed of you and that you should be ashamed of yourself, speaks volumes. Our state has serious issues that need to be addressed and I fail to see how this legislation will resolve any of them. It’s divisive and petty. Furthermore, I feel that your criticism of some of the panels as “America bashing” is, to be completely frank, un-American. That is not something I say lightly, Mr. Kavanagh. Those sentiments are a reflection of the pain of a great tragedy, and last I checked, we still had a constitutional right to something called free speech. Those sentiments may not resonate with you personally, but that does not justify creating legislation to censor them. I urge you to meet with the Sodhi family as well as others in the Sikh community, examine your motives, and search your heart in this matter. It is my hope that you will admit that this effort was misguided and offer a simple and sincere apology not only to Mr. Sodhi’s family, but to Arizona. We deserve better leadership than this.


Cyndi Whitmore


  1. Karl Harshman
    April 26, 2011 at 3:12 PM

    As unlikely as it might have seemed 30 years ago, racism is now very “in” so in many ways, John Kavanagh is just riding the wave of popularity to pander for votes. Just watch TV or listen to trendy comedians to see how much they capitalize on racism to gain attention. They do it because it works.

    I think the real tragedy is that representatives like John Kavanagh actively promote ignorance as a tool for personal gain. How low will Arizona legislature sink? I feel confident that they will carry through on this plan and possibly even publicize their racist decisions as they cater to the ignorant vote.

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