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A thought on TUSD’s Ethnic Studies Injustice

I have this on an MP3 on my phone… sometimes I listen to it over and over when I feel like the beast I am fighting is so much larger and stronger.

Keep on moving, friends. Keep on moving.

And we are probably nearer to solution of this problem than we are able to realize. And don’t worry about your children they are going to be alright. Don’t hold them back if they want to go to jail. But they are doing a job for not only for themselves but for all of America and for all mankind.

Somewhere we read a little child shall lead them. Remember that was another little child just twelve years old and he got involved in the discussion back in Jerusalem. As his parents moved down the dusty road leading them back to their little village of Nazareth. And when they got back and bothered him and touched him and wanted him to move on at that moment, he said, I must be about my father’s business.

These young people are about their father’s business. And they are carving a tunnel of hope through the great mountain of despair. They will bring to this nation, a newness and a genuine quality and an idealism that it so desperately needs.

Keep this movement going
Keep this movement rolling
In spite of the difficulties and we are going to have a few more difficulties
Keep climbing
Keep moving if you can’t fly run
If you can’t run walk
If you can’t walk crawl
But by all means keep moving….


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